message from god the immortal I can murder you humans off and you humans cant murder god off

god will murder life off if god is around nigers and god don't suck niger dick and nigers cant have time machinesz and are going to die off and be extinct and nigers smell like dog shit

god will murder life organisms off if mankind comes near god or talks to god

if you want to talk to god talk to gods female handlers and they will speak to your god

and you humans cant murder  god off the gods planet earth

 born 1980-2015 present diety incarnate in the flesh immortal god creator of the cosmos and all the shit in it including humans

pass god down to your childrens childrens in the heiroglyphics

god can only be afound females and the females who are supposed to suck gods dick iuf youmdonbt  god will murder humans and animals off and you humans cant murder god off

sign country over to Jacob seth kern god the immortal and suck gods real big dick and swallow gods sperm "i cant die niga" and god will give your country time travel machines saith the lord the lord has spoken or else I will murder you off human mortals and you are not even real and god can break your necks and you human siners can't break gods neck niga

god can kill you humans but you humans cant kill god

if god wants a certain female race to suck gods dick you will or god will murder you off my planet

god can  only be around female mortals and if god is around men mortals god will murder animals break shit and murder humans in countries off with all my allies waching gods dick on gps in mind vision


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